(t/m: Tor Erik Berge)

Late night show, on the tv-screen
Woman with a beard, look so mean
Easy entertainment, with sex and drugs
Kids are watching while their parents are drunk

Itís just another typical Saturday night,
where family bonds are tore up on sight
The good gets the bad or was it the other way around,
all put together with just the right sound

 Special effects gives you all the details,
your own imagination is on for sale
Learning by doing, an eye for an eye
Thereís no way out, thereís no place to hide

Itís just another typical Saturday night,
with gang-bangs, and pansyís and look thereís a dike
Thereís no such thing as perverted sex,
all put on stage with all the wrong sounds

 Blood sports with stage managed pain
Quiz shows and tutorial games
Well placed commercial breaks
Good-looking boys put their life on steaks

 Itís just another typical Saturday night,
with pepsi and snickers, and care to have a bite
Thereís no message you can depend upon,
all made up with artificial sounds.


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